Rolex gold diamond watch top-level precision and reliability

Pull out the crown, it will be pressed on the balance wheel screws. Instantaneous system stop wheel, which is very noble rolex replica elegant style. Unprecedented collaboration is to bring the top of the complex broken watch, is also never imagined rare gold shell and the above is the difference in the upper shell surface welding K gold skin, from the top is gold Shell, from the side of the surface as yellow and white (practice it is two layers of silver, bottom (including the bottom cover) is silver.

And this species-like, but also gold-plated upper shell, it was replaced with gold skin, due to too thin, next to the surface to see two layers of the mouth, from the top is yellow. The sides and the bottom are snow-white. Also known as steel back shell, is the bottom cover made of stainless steel, shell frame made of copper, chrome exterior shell. The chain is made of brass, with the goal of ensuring optimum clarity and minimizing friction. Gems division to brand the most famous way. Seamlessly set diamonds on the dial, reducing the metal base of the show. Diamond diamonds appear simply and properly, so that diamonds seem to float in midair. Week calendar type equipment entirely by the replica watches self-developed 3155 initiative on the chain mechanical movement. Like all constant core, like the core, 3155-type movement has also been made when the official recognition of certification. The certification is specifically issued to the Swiss Precision Meters through the successful testing of the middle (COSC) detection of precision watches.

The structure of this movement and all oyster-like movement, are accurate and reliable. As the heart of the watch parts, the balance wheel with a patent Rolex PARACHROM gossamer patent to the common alloy manufacturing their own. This gossamer is not subject to magnetic interference, when the temperature change is still very much the same, more than 10 times the traditional gossamer earthquake resistance. rolex replica with innovative skills and top diamonds, diamond display line to show time. Concise, stylish design. Training unique Rolex drill table style, achievements of new and abstract series of timepieces. Watch from the case, strap to the outer ring are used 18ct permanent rose gold, the outer ring inlaid with 12 diamonds, and 18ct white gold as the background set off, so that the diamond is exceptionally shiny, vivid, so reward of admiration. Oyster Perpetual SKY-DWELLER equipment is easy to read and easy to operate dual time zone display.