Rolex and the Blue Ocean has a date - consumption constant dynamic DEEPSEA diving watch

Blue crystal glass once again appeared in the birth of Rolex from the brand, but also and indissoluble bond with the ocean. And its consumption-type constant dynamic DEEPSEA is undoubtedly a new era of diving watch in the model. It will watch the deep dive record successfully rewritten to 3900 meters, Consumption constant dynamic DEEPSEA Blue crystal glass once again appeared in the birth of Rolex from the brand, but also and indissoluble bond with the ocean. And its consumption-type constant dynamic DEEPSEA is undoubtedly a new era of diving replica watches uk in the model. It will watch the deep submarine record successfully rewritten to 3,900 meters, this amazing stunning historical breakthrough once again perfect proof of Rolex waterproof technology in the cutting-edge unshakable position of authority.

The success of the rolex replica benefited from a number of breakthrough technological innovation, in addition, the other three outstanding watch components to achieve the outstanding performance of this watch contributed: it is placed in high-performance stainless steel ring Blue crystal glass and case back cover to ensure that the glass and case back easily withstand the huge water pressure; its blue crystal glass surface is slightly arched, oyster than the other models of the surface of the glass thicker, and the other compression capacity Double; case back cover with a very high resistance to resistance of titanium alloy, and with the performance of the 904L stainless steel ring fixed. DEEPSEA watch to meet the professional divers of rugged, accurate and reliable ultimate demand. The bracelet is equipped with a double extension system that allows adjustment of the length of the strap to wear the watch in a 7 mm thick diving suit for easy wear. Double extension system is equipped with: Oyster discount chain and the new chain GLIDELOCK buckle, to achieve the length of the fine tuning strap. The helium flap valve is made of 904L stainless steel, which is the same size as the diameter of the case, so it is tightly bonded to ensure perfect waterproof performance. Equipped with this safety device, in the process of deep-sea diving into the watch gas can be in the diving decompression from the watch discharge. The three buckle on the chain crown with three separate gaskets, clasp down to further improve its excellent waterproof performance.

replica watches originality of the design, so that time shows more clearly visible. DEEPSEA watch with a one-way rotating outer ring, in addition to marked with a 60-minute scale CERACHROM ceramic word circle, wrist can be worn on the precise control of diving time. Engraved in the CERACHROM ceramic figures on the scale and scale are patented through the Rolex PVD technology filled with platinum. As a result of the use of blue fluorescent material Chromalight, scale outer circle on the zero point of the triangle marked marked at night and deep sea is also clearly visible. The same coverage of this new blue fluorescent material, the dial on the special gold markers and indicators are also clearly visible. The watch is equipped with precision, reliable, durable known 3135 movement, the movement with high shock and magnetic PARACHROM hairspring. With automatic winding function, assembly by the Swiss precision timer test center certified permanent movement pendulum movement, energy reserves up to 48 hours. Never stop the pioneering spirit, with excellent waterproof characteristics of the DEEPSEA watch is undoubtedly the Oyster Watch series of outstanding members.

It carries Rolex diligently, and unremittingly explore the spirit of the study, and the brand is also with this spirit in the 1950s developed a diving watch Submariner type and sea type. DEEPSEA watch named to commemorate the Rolex 1960 classic diving watch developed Deep Sea Special type. At that time the watch has sneaked into the Pacific Ocean is located in the Mariana Trench 10,916 meters deep (Mariana Trench), and through this extremely rigorous testing. Rigorous professional quality assurance, deep-sea diving requires a high degree of security and reliability, so every DEEPSEA watch must go through the most stringent Rolex waterproof test. With the help of world-renowned French underwater engineering and high-pressure technology companies, Rolex carefully developed special test equipment to ensure the quality of the watch.