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Introducing our NEWEST Program

The FIRST Dramatic Presentation of the history, content, impact, and potential of two United Nations documents that are the result of international negotiation and consensus: The UNIVERSAL DECLARATION of HUMAN RIGHTS (UDHR) and The CONVENTION on the ELIMINATION of all forms of DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN (CEDAW).

These two programs are available in an audio-tape and as scripts. Read and hear more about these programs by visiting the "UDHR & CEDAW Catalogue" page.

Watch this space for information on workshops, new products, speaking engagements and our class calendar.

Resources from our research for CHOOSING OUR HEROES and NORUMBEGA TO NEW ENGLAND are available NOW for download.

Please visit our Links and Resources page to download these zipped packages.

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To avoid repeating or continuing the tragedies of 'History,' we must realize that today's controversies, confusions, and conflicts are parallel-to, continuations-of, and legacies-from our Common Past.

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