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Audio and Print Programs designed for Ages 18 and older, and for Teachers of All Ages

We want to share with you some of the amazing historic documents, engravings, and maps from our research of the Topics and Times explained and explored in our AMERICAN TRUTHS Audio Programs and Course Books.

Available NOW for viewing and/or download:
CHOOSING OUR HEROES Resource Kit (1008k zip file)

Download each resource individually or as a zipped kit!
Download Instructions

Available NOW for viewing and/or download:
NORUMBEGA TO NEW ENGLAND Resource Kit (1740k zip file)

Download each resource individually or as a zipped kit!
Download Instructions

Download Instructions
You may download each graphic resource individually as follows:
  • On Mac: Hold down your mouse over the individual link until the pop up menu allows you to 'Save As' to your Hardrive
  • On PC: Right click on the individual links and 'Save this link as'
  • Or, Print each image directly from your browser by clicking on the individual links, allow the image to load, then Print

    The resources are also available in two zipped files to allow you to download them in compressed packages, saving download time. To download the zipped files:

  • On Mac: Hold down your mouse over the zip link until the pop up menu allows you to 'Save As' to your Hardrive
  • On PC: Right click on the zip link and 'Save this link as'
  • To unzip the files once they are on your computer, you will need either Winzip for PC, or MacZip for Mac. Then, from your hard drive you can print each resource.
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    MP3 Selections from the
    American Truths Series

    Links of Interest & Resources

    AAAS Science and Human Rights Program
    Academic Info
    Anthropology Internet Resources
    Cafe Progressive
    Center for Latin American Studies at UC Berkeley
    Colonial American Gazette
    Derechos - Human Rights
    Erratic Impact Philosophy Research Base
    Feminist Women's Health Center
    Global Fund for Women
    Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
    Indigenous Peoples' Literature
    International Migration
    Kai's LinkCollection for Educators and Students
       -- Native American
    Mexico Student Teacher Resource Center
    Native American Genealogy
    Pathways to Peace
    Plaza del Sol
    Retanet: Resources for Teaching about the Americas
    SchoolNet's First People's Homepage
    The Global Schoolhouse
    The Indigenous Circle
    The National Women's History Project
    Universal Rights Network
    Zona Latina

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    American Truths
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    By illuminating and contrasting the Past values, beliefs and resulting behaviors of the Native-Indigenous and White-Immigrant Cultures, we can better understand our Present, and propose effective choices for our Future.

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