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The Music of ANDANZAS, the group featured in

Choosing Our HeroesNorumbega to New England

ANDANZAS, Spanish for "wanderings," describes this group's repertory - a musical wandering through Latin America that explores the over 500 year old legacy of integrating Indigenous, Spanish, and African musical influences. The members of ANDANZAS further that legacy by respectfully, skillfully, and enthusiastically adding their unique backgrounds - folk, jazz, and classical - to the inter-cultural diversity, but drawing special inspiration from the roots - Indigenous Music, primarily Andean. From ancient dance rhythms to contemporary ballads, from virtuoso instrumental pieces to hauntingly beautiful love songs, the arrangements and original compositions of ANDANZAS offer a uniquely subtle, intimate, infectious, and elegant addition to the Latin legacy of eclectic musical languages.

Songs of South America
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Andanzas 2
More Songs of Latin America
Andanzas 2
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The wind instruments include: the quena, a cane flute of the Incas; the sampona, pan-pipes of the Andes; and the ocarina, a spherical clay flute of pre-Columbian times. The string instruments include the charango, a miniature version of the guitar, usually made from the shell of the armadillo and found in many Andean countries; the cuatro, a four-stringed guitar-shaped instrument from Venezuela; the Spanish guitar; and the harp, which has been prominent in Latin American folk music since the seventeenth century. Also featured are light percussion instruments and vocals.

MP3 Samples from
ANDANZAS, the musical group featured in CHOOSING OUR HEROES

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Reviews of Andanzas

"A veritable travelogue through the rich and vibrant musical cultures of the great South American continent . . . the results are pure magic."
-The Times Union, Albany, NY

"An attractive offering . . . presented with conviction and intensity."
-The San Juan Star, Puerto Rico

"Their music reflects all the freshness and innocence that is characteristic of South America."
-Billboard Magazine

"ANDANZAS plays with subtlety and elegance."
-CD Review

"The instrumental prowess of ANDANZAS is unquestionable, and the band skillfully 'wanders' with great feeling and empathy.""
-Dirty Linen

"This quality of recording will win over a classical 'high culture' audience to Latin American . . . music. It's done with emotional integrity."
-Folk Roots of London, England

"Their performance was subtle and magical. Few groups reach this level of sophistication."
Villa Victoria Cultural Center, Boston

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